Mask Removal Friday

I will read a new piece this Friday evening, called

“How to Remove a Mask? Carefully.”

It’s about how I talk to patients about uncertainty. (“Carefully”), and it’s adapted from my MFA thesis about the Puritan cultural roots of American medicine.

The event, called Dual Diagnosis, is organized by the Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative, with Profile Theatre.

    • Cost: Free
    • Where: Artists Repertory Theatre, 1515 SW Morrison St., Upstairs Lobby
    • When: 6:45 pm, Friday, Feb. 15, 2019; I am the last of 5 writers reading short pieces.

Here’s the full event announcement:

Dual Diagnosis Performance — This Weekend!

  • 6:45 p.m. Friday and Saturday, February 15 – 16
  • Artists Repertory Theater, 1515 SW Morrison St

Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative is partnering with Profile Theatre to provide a platform for local doctors, patients, and caregivers to tell their stories together. Dual Diagnosis features writers from our Community of Practice workshops, telling their stories of hope, fear, confusion and triumph, in dialogue with Profile Theatre’s mainstage performance (Un)Conditional, a play written and performed by people living with chronic illness. Profile’s In Dialogue series features pre-show performances that delve into the topics of the stage production. We’re excited to bring our artists to share their stories in tandem with a new community of patient, caregivers and artists. 

The readings will feature the following writers:

Friday, February 15th

  • Sally Foster Rudolph, Bird Friends & In Praise Of
  • Rebecca Harrison, Holy Moment Interrupted
  • Lois Leveen, Braincase Hook, Line, and Ticker
  • April Brennan, The Physiology of a Ghost
  • Merilee Karr, How to Remove a Mask? Carefully.

Saturday, February 16th

  • Jennifer Lycette, Finding Grace
  • Leah Walsh, The Illness That No One Sees
  • Paul Laskonis, The Day I Couldn’t
  • Ben Perin, Poems Patients Wrote Me
  • Carol Welicky, A Dance of Saints