Twitter, here I am!

Wow, Twitter is a parallel Earth, miniaturized. I should have joined a long time ago. Mea culpa idiotica.

It’s great that there no slow talkers to endure, no meandering, no lugubriousness. The exclamation points are a chuckle – they’re as thick as the hair on a dog’s back.

Twitter search results are both concise and comprehensive. By ‘comprehensive’ I mean that the result of searching on ‘X’ is a kind of map, to scale, of common knowledge about X.

I searched ‘indoor air,’ and it’s all there, the hokum health claims, the hype, the new products, and a few more or less well-informed contractors, trying to cut through the noise but adding to it. Cleanliness is such an easy sell, so easy that people don’t stop to ask the basic questions.

Seeing what the world thinks it knows about indoor air, up close, through the Twitter scope, makes me even more pessimistic about indoor air improvement reaching the people who need it.