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This Old Constitution is Falling Down

For Americans, the Constitution is like a national home we all have in common. Its daring new ideas, like freedom from monarchy, and self-determination, poured the foundation for the American adventure.

There was nothing like it, in its day. But it has not stood the test of time.

The beams are warped, pulled slantwise by special favors built in for the slave states, that now benefit small states. The ground under the house grows more uneven, as people gather in large cities in a few populous states. The advantage of small states grows as their relative population shrinks. As states become more unequal in population, the government built from our Constitutional blueprint becomes, paradoxically, less and less representative.

The states, united and not, are locked in unequal embrace. The Constitution is all of a piece – it cannot be fixed part by part. The only way to fix its falling beams is to tear it down and start again. And soon. It’s dangerous to live in a crumpling house.

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